VLBI at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

The GSFC VLBI group participates in several on-going activities within the IVS (International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry), the official international body for VLBI. Subsets of the GSFC VLBI staff form official IVS groups, or "centers", and some staff members are coordinators within the IVS. Details about the coordinators' and centers' activities can be found on the IVS Annual and Biennial Reports page. This page has links to reports from several years. These links in turn display links to individual reports for that year. Each of the following sub-sections identifies the associated report link.

IVS Coordinating Center

This center coordinates the IVS's daily and long-term activities and provides information and communications within IVS and the larger scientific community. The center is headed by the IVS Coordinating Center Director. IVS report link: IVS Coordination section, Coordinating Center report.

IVS Analysis Coordinator

The IVS Analysis Coordinator coordinates the IVS's analysis activities. The Coordinator's efforts include leadership in the areas of analysis methods, results, and products. IVS report link: IVS Coordination section, Analysis Coordinator report.

IVS Network Coordinator

The IVS Network Coordinator monitors the performance, quality control and adherence to standards of the IVS observing networks. He also represents the networks within IVS and works with external communities that use the networks. The Network Coordinator is assisted by other GSFC VLBI staff members. IVS report link: IVS Coordination section, Network Coordinator report.

GGAO VLBI Network Station

Some staff members support the VLBI antennas at the GSFC GGAO (Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory) site. They monitor, maintain, and operate the antennas and other equipment. IVS report link: Network Stations, Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory report.

CORE Operation Center

This center schedules VLBI sessions to accomplish a variety of goals (e.g, providing weekly EOP results or performing research and development). IVS report link: Operation Centers section, CORE report.

GSFC VLBI Analysis Center

This center routinely provides IVS with several types of data and products, including:

  • databases for all IVS-INT01 and IVS-INT03 Intensive, R1, RDV, R&D and APSG sessions
  • Earth orientation file updates for all IVS sessions
  • Sinex files for all IVS sessions
  • periodic TRF and CRF solutions

The center also shares results of its research activities and provides software to other interested groups. IVS report link: Analysis Centers section, GSFC VLBI report.

GSFC VLBI Technology Development Center

This center develops hardware, software (the Field System and SKED), algorithms, and operational procedures. It also provides manpower for station visits for training and upgrades. IVS report link: Technology Development Centers section, GSFC VLBI report.

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