Space Geodesy VLBI Antenna Request for Information


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Geodesy Project (SGP) is soliciting information to improve its understanding of the interest, capabilities, and Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates for planning the construction and deployment of up to three Very Long Baseline Interferometer (VLBI) antennas that will be part of a new NASA Space Geodesy Network (NSGN) and the VLBI2010 Global Observing System (VGOS).

In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), the information requested is for planning purposes only and does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that NASA will take procurement action in this matter. Further, neither NASA, nor the Government will be responsible for any costs incurred in furnishing this information.

This Request For Information (RFI) is limited to obtaining the information necessary to assess the interest and improve understanding of existing capabilities for manufacturing and deploying VGOS antennas. See the draft Statement of Work for the planned scope and requirements.

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