Space Geodesy SLR Request for Information Released


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Geodesy Project (SGP) is soliciting information to improve its understanding of the interest, capabilities, and Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates for planning the construction, deployment, and operation of the next generation Space Geodesy (SG) Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Stations that will be part of a new NASA’s Space Geodetic Network (SGN). NASA is considering the construction of up to ten new SLR stations that will contribute to the larger Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS).

This RFI is limited to obtaining the information necessary to assess the interest and improve understanding of existing capabilities for addressing the SG initiative as it relates to Satellite Laser Ranging. The next-generation SLR prototype (NGSLR) serves as the basis for future NASA production units, which are here called SGSLR stations. Therefore, the scope of this RFI includes: 1) the advanced engineering design effort to transition from the NGSLR prototype design into the first production unit of SGSLR; 2) developing the first SGSLR production units, including construction and testing; 3) site preparation and infrastructure development; 4) completing the on-site, field installation; 5) successfully completing on-site acceptance testing; and 6) operation of a SGSLR station for a period of time after acceptance testing. GSFC’s Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory (GGAO) facility is available for production unit integration and shall be used for system acceptance testing prior to deployment and installation at the remote site.

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Documents referenced in the RFI:

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