SGSLR/NGSLR Documentation

These documents describe the requirements for, and the high level design of, the current in-house build of NASA's first SGSLR systems. Also included in this library are documents describing the prototype system, NGSLR, and one document that explains the facility being built at GGAO to integrate and test the new SGSLR systems.

  • NGSLR System Overview

    This is a high level overview of the NGSLR system, including a description of the hardware, software, operations and system specifications.

  • NGSLR Operations Manual

    This is a description of how to operate NGSLR for both SLR operations and LRO operations. This document does not give details on how to build the system. NGSLR is no longer an operational system, and while SGSLR will be similar to NGSLR in its operations, this document could not be used to operate SGSLR.

  • NGSLR Safety Handbook

    This document gives a detailed description of the Laser Safety Procedures required at NGSLR. The equipment related to laser safety is shown and explained and the procedures required to safely operate the system are described but no design or build information is included in this document.

  • SGSLR External Interface Control Document (ICD)

    This is a high level description of the SGP related facilities and organizations external to SGSLR with an overview of how SGSLR must interface to them.

  • SGSLR Operations Concept Document (OCD)

    This is a high level description of how SGSLR operations will take place.

  • SGSLR System Requirements Document (SRD)

    This document gives the Level 3 and Level 4 requirements for SGSLR.

  • SGSLR Testing Facility Document

    The SGSLR Test Facility at Goddard’s Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory (NASA Goddard area 200) and its features are described at a high level for users. This is the facility that the Contractor will be required to use for the Testing and Verification of all SGSLR systems.